Tuesday, November 26, 2013

“the Women in Tennyson’s Poems Are Presented as Victims of a Male World”

The wo hands in Tennysons poems are presented as victims of a phallic human race How far do you agree? fill quote to at least two poems that you have studied. In some(prenominal) Mariana and Locksley H all(prenominal) are presented as victims. Tennyson presents Marina as a join sex who is mentally unstable due to being dislocated from the sleep of the world. Whereas in Locksley Hall Amy is presented as a adult female who is being constantly controlled by men at maiden her breed and then her husband who she doesnt love. Firstly in Mariana Tennyson uses a repetitive rhyme avoidance to reflect Marianas depression of loneliness. For example in the first stanza the rhyme scheme is plots all knots and wall. These are all very simple rhymes which accent Marianas monotonous and organise life. It is also highly humourous that Tennyson uses this structured rhyme scheme to present a woman who has a very low state of consciousness and who is extremely mentally unst able. Additionally the rhyme scheme is also at propagation rather rigid which still emphasises the monotony of her life. heretofore in Locksley Hall Tennyson uses a metaphor Puppet to a finds threat and then sibilance servile to a shrewish tongue to show that Amy is still under her experiences control.
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By employment Amy a puppet Tennyson is saying that she can be tardily manipulated and controlled into whatever her master, in this case her father, wants her to do. This is shown by the sibilance as her father is furious at the fact that she wants to marry some other man. He uses sharp, angry and erratic sound s to show his furry at her by wanting to loo! sen the reigns that her father has over her. furthermore in Mariana Tennyson use refrain shows the repetitiveness of Marianas involve solar day to day life. By saying She only(prenominal) state followed by she said it shows how she only has her self to verbalise to and shows how women are withdrawn from the world and are distanced by men from the world action. Also its extremely ironic as it is based on a love story,...If you want to give a full essay, stage it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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